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Virtual Brain Health Symposium

The Physical Activity for Precision Health at the University of British Columbia would like to welcome you to the 2021 Virtual Brain Health Symposium! This symposium will bring together internationally renowned experts in the fields of exercise, sleep, brain injury, microbiome, physical environment, social enrichment, and cognitive training. The Brain Health Symposium will highlight and advance knowledge on the role of various lifestyle strategies for promoting cognitive and brain health, while providing opportunities for collaboration and connections between scientists, new investigators, trainees, and stakeholders.

The symposium will start off with our keynote speaker, Dr. Kaarin Anstey, on Thursday, April 29th, 2021. Speaker sessions will occur every Friday afterwards, from April 30th to June 4th, 2021. Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Shelina Babul, PhD
  • Dr. Deborah Barnes, PhD, MPH
  • Dr. Olivier Beauchet, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Sylvie Belleville, PhD
  • Dr. Kirsten Berding, RD, PhD
  • Dr. Louis Bherer, MPs, PhD
  • Dr. Michael Brauer, ScD
  • Dr. Stephen Cunnane, PhD
  • Dr. Payam Dadvand, MD, PhD
  • Dr. Ryan Falck, PhD
  • Dr. Brett Finlay, PhD
  • Dr. Paul Gardiner, PhD
  • Dr. Art Kramer, PhD
  • Dr. John Leddy, MD
  • Dr. Andrew Lim, MD
  • Dr. Andrea Rosso, MPH, PhD
  • Dr. Adam Spira, PhD
  • Dr. Naznin Virji-Babul, PT, PhD
  • Dr. Michelle Voss, PhD

Presentations by trainees will take place after the speaker sessions on specific dates. Please see our schedule for more detail.